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  •  Moscow City tour
  •  Kremlin and the Cathedrals
  •  Armory Museum
  •  Diamond Fund
  •  Tretyakov Gallery
  •  New Maidens Convent
  •  Kolomenskoe Estate
  •  Moscow metro
  •  Spaso-Andronikov Monastery
  •  Sergiev Posad
  •  Sergiev Posad - Pereyaslavl-Zalesskiy
  •  Vladimir - Suzdal

  •    The URALS
  •  5 day tour in Ekaterinburg
  •  GOLDEN BEACH on Lake Turgoyak

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  •  Ekaterinburg city, The URALS
  •  Kasli city, The URALS

  • Ekaterinburg city, The URALS

    Ekaterinburg is situated on border between Europe and Asia, on the Eastern slope on the Middle Ural Mountains, on the Iset River (the tributary of one of the greateat Siberian River Tobol).

    The city was founded in 1672 and has a long and interesting history. There are many places to visit, including PLOTINKA (a dam), the oldest construction of Ekaterinburg, made of the Ural Larch, THE MINT dating back to 1876, now a museum of Architecture, THE BRIDGE, constructed in 1840 by the design of architect E.Sartorius, The MINING COLLEGE, built in 1806 by Ivan Polzunov,one of the inventors of the steam machine, LABOUR SQUARE, decorated with a nice golden chapel and a fountain made of pink marble. There is a monument to A.Popov, the inventor of radio here.

    We offer you to vosot the Regional Study Museum, founded in 1871, containing 500,000 exhibits. The proud of the museum is a collection of manuscripts, dating back to the 16-19 th centuries. Archaeological findins, collections ofcopper dishes, rare coins, paintings make the museum one of the world`s greatest.

    If you are intersted in Arts, we can organize the excursions to the Fine Arts Museum, containing the unique works of iron casting among which is the famous Pavilion exhibited in 1900 in Paris (architect E.Bowmgarten). Also the museum demonstrates the icons dating back to the 16-18 th centuries. Russian art is represented by works of famous Russian painters, such as F.Rokotov, D.Levitsky, V.Tropinin, K.Brulov. The european art is represented by the works of great masters from Holland, France, Germany.

    Keen on Science and Engineering, you may visit the Radio Museum, the Geological Museum or the Photography Museum.

    If you love theatre, in the evening you are welcome to the numerous theatres to see the performance. Opera, Ballet, Drama, Comedy, Variety Show-everything is available.

    Night Life is rich and such famous night clubs as MALAKHIT, LUNA-2000, GOLD Taurus, Old Dublin Irish Pub, Irish yard, City-Bar, and many others, are waiting for you opening their doors every night.

    If you are tired of tow life and want to spend some time in the calm surroundings, we can organize many out-of-town trips to Nature and you will be able to see eautiful clear lakes, mountain rivers, fast forests, pictures que places.

    Not only in the USA there are ROCKY MOUNTAINS and GREAT LAKES!

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