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  •    The URALS
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  •  GOLDEN BEACH on Lake Turgoyak

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  •  Ekaterinburg city, The URALS
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  • The URALS

    Ekaterinburg-a great place to rest and get new experience

    If you plan to spend some days in the unknown for you place, if you are ready for a change, if you are interested in extreme sports, WELCOME to the Central Urals.

    Let us help make your holidays unforgettable.
    You have a lot to choose from, including the National Parks, the ancient churchers, the Regional Study museums, the Gold Mining.

    The soul of a nation is reflected through legends, myths and living history. COME, EXPERIENCE HISTORY AND DISCOVER the URAL for yourself.

    Take your time to see all the wonderful sights that Ekaterinburg and the region can offer. Picturesque mountains, river waterfalls, silver surface of lakes, vast forests. When you`re ready for an unfogettable adventures, HEAD FOR the Central Urals.

    Ekaterinburg offers a great range of music styles, festivals, theatres and clubs, museums and exhibitions. If you are ready to see these performances, HEAD for here.

    TREAT YOURSELF with the finest Russian cuisine. We can offer a great variety of Russian dishes.


       5 DAY TOUR IN Ekaterinburg

    DAY 1
      - Arrival,meeting at the Koltsovo airport, transfer to the holet
      - breakfast
      - bus excursion round the city
      excursion on choice - either to the Fine Arts Museum or Stone - carving Art Museum
      - Supper in the restaurant, entertainment programme
    DAY 2
      - breakfast
      - "RUSSIAN TSAR PLACES" bus excursin(visiting the last Russian Tsar`s execusion -site,visiting the unique church ansamble,built on the site of the Tsar`s burial).
      - dinner
      - Camping-picknicking (rest at nature, Russian Bath-Banya, Russian Cuisine to be ordered, fishing, horse-riding in summer, carriage-and-three horses riding, snowboarding in winter to be ordered).
    DAY 3
      - Breakfast
      - Coach Excursion on choice:
      VERKHOTURIE (history of the first settlments in The URALS,History of Christianity in Russia,Christian customs and traditions,visiting the Orthodox Church and the Kremlin,visiting the town museum).
      KUNGUR (the ancient town at the Icy Cave).
      KASLI AND KYSHTYM (the center of the Iron Casting Art,visiting the museum,the Birth Christ Cathedral).
      SINYACHIKHA (Ural Wooden Architecture,visiting theFolk Painting Art Museum, Musical Instruments Museum,acqaintance with the life way of Ural peasants and workers ,visiting the site of the ROMANOVS` death).
      - Returning to Ekaterinburg, Supper
      - Visiting the LUNA-2000 Bowling Center (the biggest in Russia), entertainment programme.
    DAY 4
      - Breakfast
      - Active programme (on choice for the additional price)
      PARACHUTING (insrtuctions, jumping, watching the airodrome BYNGI)
      PILOT-GLIDING (instructions, flying, observing the FALLING TOWER, watching aerobatics)
      YACHTING on the Upper ISSET POND
      RAFTING down the mountains rivers (in the National parks, waterfalls, caves)
      SKIING center in winter
      - Returning to Ekaterinburg, dinner
      - Visiting the sauna
    DAY 5
      - breakfast
      - Bus tour to Asia-Europe Obelisk
      - dinner
      - GOOD-BYE coach excursion round Ekaterinburg (visiting the Cenrtal Park Rotonda, the Trinity Cathedral, the monuments to the city founders, the Tsar Bridge across the Isset River, video-photographying)
      - Supper
      - Departure, transfer to the airport.
    PRICE 365 USD (11.900 roubles) per person
    GROUP 7-10 people

    The programme price includes:
    • meeting at the airport(station),transfer to the hotel
    • 3-times meal
    • entrance tickets to the museums,
    • programme excursins and transport service,
    • group guide
    • the hotel
    • entertainments
    This programme can be changed accorging to the client`s wish.


    DBL 193
    SNGL 157
    hotel situated in the historical center of the city. Facilities: 31 standart rooms, 5 suits, fitness, billiard, resraurant, car rent.

    DBL 117
    SNGL 85
    hotel situated out of the city, on the bank of LAKE SHARTASH. Facilities: sauna, swimming pool, billiard, bar.

    DBL 78
    SNGL 58
    hotel situated in the center of the city. Facilities: rooms with all accomodations, TV, refregirator.

    DBL 73
    SNGL 60
    hotel situated in the center of the city. Facilities: mini-hotel with 13 rooms.

    Additional Excursions

    SYSERT - the Russian Writer BAZHOV birth place (the acquaintance with the town, bult in the 18-th century, with the life and creative work of the write Bazhov, visiting the Regional Study Museum, visiting the Bazhov home-museum, observing the historical center, a trip to TALKOV STONE LAKE)
    10 hours

    KOPTELOVO COUNTRYSIDE (the 17-th century village, the river REZH, folk crafts, visiting the house built 300 years ago, only with the help of the axe without nails, tasting the russian cuisine, vising the ancient horse-breeding plant, horse-riding)
    12 hours

    POLEVSKOY-MALAKHITE ring of The URALS (visiting the Itkul Archiologocal center, the PIPE Plant Museum, the 1860 blast furnice, the 1816 Trinity church, the Paul and Peter cathedral, visiting the mine)
    7 hours

    MIASS-ZLOTOUST (the center of gold mining, the Golden Valley, the ILMEN National Park, the Regional Study Museum, the Mineral Museum, the Museum of steel weapons and engraving on steel)
    15 hours

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    Sports tourist complex "GOLDEN BEACH" is situated in the picturesque place on Lake Turgoyak and is surrounded by the unique pine forest. Beautiful scenery of the mountains and healing air create favourable conditions for health reast.

    Lake Turgoyak is one of the greatest wonders of nature. It is located on the East slope of the Ural mountains not far from the town of Miass. Due to its original beauty and unique natural features, Lake Turgoayk is called the BLUE PEARL or YOUNGER BROTHER OF LAKE BAIKAL.

    Water of Lake Turgoyak is famous for its blue-greenish colour and clearness. Low temperature of the water creates the conditions for the development of the specific ECO system. Lake Turgoyak is the most transparent in the Ural mountains. Favourable hydrochemical and gas composition of the water make it possible fish rearing. Due to its great depth and water quantity, the lake heats up slowly but also cools down slowly. The warmest water is in July and August, the coldest water is in December and November.

    Healthy and clear air, high quality of water, picturesque landscape turn Lake Turgoyak into one of the most popular rest zones of the South Urals. Every year a lot of tourists come here to see the unforgetable beauty of Lake Turgoyak.

    Sports and Tourist Complex "GOLDEN BEACH" offers a great variety of services for different activities-yachting, diving, boating, fishing, horse riding, tourism.

    "GOLDEN BEACH" complex offers comfortable two-stored houses with single and double rooms, with all accomodations. All the rooms have satellite television. There is a bar in every house, where you can be offered delicious and healthy food. In the evening works the entertainment center, there is a well-equipped beach, sauna, play-grounds for the kids.

    We are ready to receive you not only in summer but also in winter and offer you winter fishing and snowboarding. "SUNNY VALLY" is a skiing center which is situated 20-minutes drive from the GOLDEN BEACH complex. Three Skiing tracks, 1000 meters long, go down the south-east slope of MOUNT IZVESTNAYA, where the protection from cold wind and sunshine from morning till evening are quaranted. The highest point of the mount is 575 meters above sea level. The tracks are served with the Cable Elevator, produced in Austria. Artificial snow coating makes it possible to prolong the skiing season from November till April. 400 meters are lighted for evening skiing. The modern equipped tracks can satisfy requirements of the most demanding mountain skiers and snowboarders. All the skiing equipment, including skies, skiing sticks, boots, snowboards, are at your disposal. There are car parking places. The experienced insrtuctors can give your some lessons on mountain skiing and snowboarding.

    Professionalism of the stuff and individual suggestions let you rest and relax with comfort and interest,and enjoy the beauty of Lake Turgoyak.

    The greatest pleasure is the floating Russian Banya (sauna) where you can sweat and then cool down in the middle of Lake Turgoyak.

    The territory of the camping is safely guarded.

    Please, make request to our e-mail for prices.

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