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  • Kasly city, The URALS

    Nealy 250 years ago the Kasly Iron Works came into being in the Urals. It is a remarkable art of iron casting that has made Kasly famous.

    Some idea of this small town can be obtained from official rerords taken from the archives. The Kasly Iron Works was built in the Ekaterinburg region at the Kasly-lake at a distance of 490 km from the town of Perm and 130 km from Ekaterinburg. The settlement founded around the factoty was rather large. It was most commercially important. From 1751 the Demodovs, well-known Russian Manufacturers, owned the works from 1809 it was in the possesion of the merchant Rastorguev.

    The craftsmen cast gratings, iron utensils and furnature. By the 60s-70s of the 18-th century the high-quality artistic casting from Kasly left behind similar products from many Ural factories and other works of the country. This production brought Kasly its famein Russia as well throughout the world.

    In 1860 the Kasly works won the first award-the Small Gold Medal of the Free-Economic Society. In a year-the Small Silver medal at the Manufacture Exhibition in St.Petersburg. A few years passed-Honorary diplomas, Silver and Gold Medals at the World Exhibition in Paris, Vienna, Philadelphia, Copenhagen, Stockholm and again Paris.

    The properties of iron available for casting objects of applied art differ from those for the parts of machines. It is important for a worker casting a round sculpture to feel in details the outlines of it whatever complicated it is. The Kasly iron meets all the requirements.

    Many specialists of applied art such as moulders, casters. Chasers spent much time working ar iron sculpture. Their lives were quite different, individual, and only the love for their handicraft got them together. It is difficult for you to believe that the objects at the exhibition were cast of heavy-weight metal.

    The Kasly Craftsmen created not only compositions, portraits and statues but many other things. They cast a great number of tracery caskets, ash-trays, vases, candlesticks, and other objects which were the fine supplement of the interior. A great many of architectural castings, various book-stands, iron dor stoves, manifold fire-places, park furnature were produced at the Kasly works.

    In recent years the production of the Kasly Works are purchased in the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and other countries. You will see all iron-cast masterpieces if you come either to Ekaterinburg and visit the Town Museum, or to Kasly and visit the Regional Study Museum.


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